SDOYUNO 40x80 cm Pittura Diamante Pittura Diamante Mosaico Paesaggio Punto Croce 5d Pittura Diamante DIY piazza Piena di Per regalo
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Disponibilità: Disponibile


  • Materiale: RESIN
  • External Packaging: Colored Box
  • Canvas Packing Method: Rolled Up
  • Forma Diamante: Quadrato
  • Diamond Size: 2.5mm
  • Picture size: 30x20cm 40x30cm 50x40cm 60x45cm
  • Stile: Stile europeo ed americano
  • Unfinished: yes,need your handmade
  • Forma: Separato
  • Marca: SDOYUNO
  • Tipo motivo: Animale
  • Tool: Tweezers,Tray,Pen,Glue
  • Diamond Embroidery Sale: Wholesale and Retail
  • Pasting Area: In pieno
  • Kit includes: H&D canvas,30% extra diamonds, tools
  • Utilizzo: Paintings
  • Frame: No
  • Multipurpose: Bedroom, Dinning Room, Study, Home, Office,
  • Fabric Type: Canvas
  • Number of Colors: 30-45
  • Canvas features: HD print;High quality
  • ship time: within 1 day

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